A New Liberty

Being part of WitnessTO has allowed us to connect and meet with lots of people from a variety of ministries and churches across the city. Pastor Darryl is the pastor of Liberty Grace Church. It’s a new church plant in…


Remix Reflections

REMIX is a week-long interactive and hands-on urban mission experience designed to equip, train and inspire young people to ‘center their lives within the mission and message of Jesus’. WitnessTO editor Bernard shares his experiences after participating in the most recent event. This year…


Lemonade with a Purpose

What does a children’s lemonade stand have to teach us about living out lives of faith? Our voice Sandy shares what God taught her through her kids’ recent philanthropic entrepreneurial venture. So my kids had this “Grand idea”.  They wanted…

helping hand

Dependent upon…

Where is my dependency? Where do I go for comfort in trial and to celebrate in joy? Who do I run to first when I feel my heart break? What do I do with my anxieties and fears? God calls…


Dance to Witness

Were you at Urbana 2012? Our brother, Min-Soo, was part of the dance team at Urbana 2012. Come and watch as he shares about his reflection on how the Holy Spirit worked amongst Urbana, the dance team, himself, and beyond.


Investing in Lives

You never know how God will use your willingness to pour time and energy into another person’s life. Our Voice, Sandy, shares how her childhood was filled with Christians who invited her into their daily lives and the profound impact…


Everlasting Crown (Thoughts on London 2012 Olympics)

Were you glued to your TV during the Olympics? Or secretly streaming it while at work as well? London 2012 Olympics ended a few days ago. Our sister, Sandy, shares her thoughts on the Olympics and how she has been…


Healing in the Midst of Loss

Have you lost someone close to you before? Perhaps to illness? Or to a change in circumstances in life? How do you get over that hurt? Our editor, Daniela, shares with us how God healed her pain from losing someone…


Ravi Zacharias on Witnessing

We are called to be a light of the world and a witness by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. In doing this, we are to be in relationships with our neighbours in this city with kindness, gentleness, and…


Putting Things into Perspective

Have you lost sight of the bigger picture that is being painted? Our editor Tiffany shares how she came to look beyond where she is now to trusting in the ultimate plan.  One of the hardest things to do sometimes…

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