To Be Relational

God has designed us to be relational beings. ​I’ve been reflecting for a while now and thanking God that He has taught me how to better relate to people over time. I have not perfected in this and it will…


Where is God in Human Trafficking?

Human trafficking is an uncomfortable topic but one that demands attention, especially from the church. So where is God in human trafficking and what role should Christians play in the fight against injustice? On February 15, 2014, Richmond Hill Christian…


Chosen and precious

Sometimes we feel unworthy because we don’t measure up to the world’s standards. Our editor Daniela shares how God has been healing her and helping her to see that God not only sees each of us as his beloved creations,…


Love Movement

Love Movement is a movement that started right here in Toronto. It seeks to “Revive a Biblical concept of love” and invites others to “Join the anthem.” In this video from WitnessTO’s “Witnessing His Story” event, Alice Best shares the…


Remix Reflections

REMIX is a week-long interactive and hands-on urban mission experience designed to equip, train and inspire young people to ‘center their lives within the mission and message of Jesus’. WitnessTO editor Bernard shares his experiences after participating in the most recent event. This year…


Lemonade with a Purpose

What does a children’s lemonade stand have to teach us about living out lives of faith? Our voice Sandy shares what God taught her through her kids’ recent philanthropic entrepreneurial venture. So my kids had this “Grand idea”.  They wanted…


Despite Imperfections

Our brother Sam shares how his pursuit of love and perfectionism often led to cycles of heartache and feelings of inadequacy. God brought him to the foot of the cross where he found boundless love and acceptance despite his imperfections.…

dinner table

“Love, empathy and compassion are more important than money.”

2 Corinthians 9:7 tells us that “God loves a cheerful giver.” , in what way do you give? Our friend, Janice shares about her dinner experience with some members of the community at Sanctuary, giving through the simplest acts.  “Love,…



Have you ever felt alone? We all have our own “battleground”. It could be from bad relationships, sore betrayals, or even just things are not going great for us. Come and read how God had spoke to Alysha. God understands…


This is why I’m in a relationship

Have you ever wondered who God has choosen for you in your life? Our sister, Janice, shares about how God has led and guided her to her boyfriend, Bosco.  Yes, I’m in a relationship. And this is a really hard…

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