A Different Kind of Road

A Different Kind of Path

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost I’ve taken a different path than most of my friends. While many have established some…


To Be Relational

God has designed us to be relational beings. ​I’ve been reflecting for a while now and thanking God that He has taught me how to better relate to people over time. I have not perfected in this and it will…


Already Where I Need to Be

Practically every person I have encountered in the past while have asked me “So what’s next?” to which I have responded with what I have last posted. Ironically, shortly after completing my out-of-town internship, I didn’t rest as much as…


When Leading Hurts

When we take on leadership roles for a long period of time, it is easy to become prideful and forget what it means to be continually teachable and willing to change the ways we’ve gotten used to doing things. Our…


A Divine Encounter

Are you an introvert who gets burnt out by social interaction? Do you sometimes need time away from other people to recharge your relational batteries? Ministry can be a tiring activity, especially for introverts, but our editor Daniela shares her…


Less is More (#oneword2014)

We are just one day away from February, how are your New Year’s Resolutions doing? Did you make any? What’s the purpose of it? “One Word” is a challenge to instead of making long lists of new year resolutions and…


Despite Imperfections

Our brother Sam shares how his pursuit of love and perfectionism often led to cycles of heartache and feelings of inadequacy. God brought him to the foot of the cross where he found boundless love and acceptance despite his imperfections.…

holding hands in love

Love, The Glue That Unites Us

How is the church different from any other social group? What is it that calls us into unity? Community? Our friends at Joy City Church shows us how a particular group in their church decided to express their love towards another…



Have you ever felt alone? We all have our own “battleground”. It could be from bad relationships, sore betrayals, or even just things are not going great for us. Come and read how God had spoke to Alysha. God understands…


Dance to Witness

Were you at Urbana 2012? Our brother, Min-Soo, was part of the dance team at Urbana 2012. Come and watch as he shares about his reflection on how the Holy Spirit worked amongst Urbana, the dance team, himself, and beyond.

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