My Transformation // 我的改變

Editor’s Note: The story was sent to us from Joanna, the team lead at Rahab Ministry. Rahab Ministry reaches out to women in the sex trade in the GTA. Ming Ming (not her real name) shares with us her journey…


InterCP: Adult and All Nations Vision School

Are the things that you are pursuing not as fulfilling as you thought that it would be? Peter Cheung shares about his struggles in going through the motions without a purpose to eventually being touched by God through InterCP’s Vision…

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What is Success?

The world tells us the measures of success are in our jobs, relationships and money, but what does the Bible say? Joey shares how she came to realize that nothing here can compare to knowing God. Thank you to our…


A New Addiction

Our friend Sam, shares with us his struggles growing up and living a life filled with alcohol, violence and drugs. However, God was relentless and faithful in His pursuit after Sam and ultimately giving him a new heart and addiction…


OurWitness Fundraising Campaign – The Final Sprint!

There is only one week left in our OurWitness Fundraising Campaign! By the grace of God, we have made great progress in the past three weeks and raised $4,695 as of Aug 26th.   We appreciate all your continued support as…


Despite Imperfections

Our brother Sam shares how his pursuit of love and perfectionism often led to cycles of heartache and feelings of inadequacy. God brought him to the foot of the cross where he found boundless love and acceptance despite his imperfections.…

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More than good

Our sister Isabel shares that she previously served others thinking her good works would earn others’ approval. God revealed to her that by placing her faith in Christ, she is made holy and is more than good in his eyes.…


Witnessing His Story Recap

The first Witnessing His Story happened just a few weeks ago and we’ve been incredibly blessed from the night. People from different churches and neighbourhoods gather at Scarborough Community Alliance Church for an evening of worship, stories from Alice (The Love Movement)…


Direction that God pointed to

Our editor, Lilian, shares about how God had helped her pointed to a career that she had never thought of in her life. She also discovered how God has been with her throughout the longest wait period of her life. 


This is why I’m in a relationship

Have you ever wondered who God has choosen for you in your life? Our sister, Janice, shares about how God has led and guided her to her boyfriend, Bosco.  Yes, I’m in a relationship. And this is a really hard…

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