Already Where I Need to Be

Practically every person I have encountered in the past while have asked me “So what’s next?” to which I have responded with what I have last posted. Ironically, shortly after completing my out-of-town internship, I didn’t rest as much as…

A Communal Journey

A Communal Journey

Have you ever wondered why God called you to do something? What would your usual response be? Would you be excited or scared? Our friend, Sally shares about the journey God took her on after she graduated. A journey that…


Trying Too Hard

Have you ever stopped and wondered what you are toiling for? Have you questioned who you keep trying harder to be better for and satisfy? Our sister Angela shares her struggle and journey in trying hard by her own efforts…


Dream-Driven Life

What are your dreams? What are God’s dreams for you? Being missional is not just a quest and invitation for any one particular age group but it is for all – even moms, dads, and families alike. Read about how…


Heart for the Lost and Brokenhearted

What do you strive for in life? Career? School? Marriage? Money? Compassion, justice, and shepherding are the very things God calls us to live for. Read about how our dear brother Pastor Bernard (a Student Ministry Pastor) has been convicted…


Magnifying Christ

Do you know someone whose actions and words constantly remind you of Christ? Our editor Daniela shares how she encountered someone whose life was so intertwined in Jesus that his power was evident in everything she did. I had seen…


Urgency to Share

We often get caught up in focusing on and controlling our lives until something happens to remind us that our time is limited. Watch this video testimony as Jenny shares of how God helped her come to realize the urgency…


Slice of Humble Pie

How often do we want things done our way? Or in our timing? Sometimes we cannot do anything but place our trust in God. Our editor, Michelle, shares how God’s faithfulness never ceases to amaze her each and every time. …

a wake up call

A Wake Up Call

How does a person respond to disaster in their life? Our editor Tim shares about his experience after an accident and how it reoriented his priorities in life. About half a year ago, I was in my first major car…

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