Bernard Tam is married to his lovely wife Susan. He is a regular student of culture; loves to engage with others in conversations about community and pop culture and enjoys reading comic books especially the Marvel brand. You will find…



Daniela didn’t grow up in a Christian community but was deeply moved through witnessing her maternal grandmother live out the incarnational life -  as Jesus did. Her grandmother showed her particularly what it’s like to live a life as in…


Currently a university student, Tiffany is a passionate individual who is willing to listen to peoples’ stories and believes that each individual’s experience is an encouragement to another. She uses her love for words to help share these experiences!


I joined WitnessTO in 2011. I see the witness network as a collective journal where we steward and chronicle God’s faithfulness in our stories. Many have experienced the power of God in their lives but may not have recorded it…


Lilian is a true Torontonian and an avid traveller. She has spent majority of her childhood in Toronto but went abroad to study and work in different parts of the world. Ever since she had moved back home, she has…



Darren is a seemingly lifelong student who desires to learn the most effective ways to make Christ known in the world. A previous grad from the University of Guelph and from Tyndale Seminary, he is currently a student at Wycliffe…



Tim considers Hong Kong as his motherland but his family moved to Toronto when he was young. He loves Toronto and there are still many facets about this city, which he has not discovered. He is a geek, kind of…



Sandy is now a mother of 2 young kids and has made Toronto her home…for now.  She has never really felt at home in any of the countries or cities she has lived in, but she would tell people “that…

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